Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Great Gord-holio

Here is the pivotal moment when I cross over from mere caffeination into cartoonish super-caffeination. (P.S. spell checker HATED the last half of that sentence!)

I have to love this from Wikipedia:
"Beavis also has an alter ego named The Great Cornholio, which usually surfaces after he consumes large quantities of caffeine and/or sugar."

In this moment, I'm reminded of my time at Cal State Northridge...
I was 19, writing my first upper-division term paper. At 8pm I drank ONE cup of coffee...and was up for the next 36 hours. I wandered the halls of my dorm around 4am and wrote increasingly illegible messages on the dry-erase boards people had outside their doors.

What I wouldn't give for some strangers' dry erase boards right now...

So this is what I'm in for the rest of this night:

It can only go downhill from here, folks!

Tune in in a couple hours, when you can hear Nurse Piggy say:

Wow...they gave it to Christopher Reeve in that episode. I didn't see that coming. (But I did have a HUGE crush on him when I was 5 or 6. I distinctly remember tuning in for his episode.)

P.S. CBS Friday night lineup circa 78-80:
7:30 Muppet Show
8:00 Incredible Hulk
9:00 Dukes of Hazzard
10:00 Dallas

When they went into repeats, my dad let me watch Wonder Woman on ABC instead of the Hulk (it's the little things).

Can you believe this stuff is taking up valuable Quals space?!

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