Sunday, March 23, 2008

Downward Spiral

Speaking of which...

I think during my third year teaching summer camp, we performed to Sin by Nine Inch Nails. It definitely kicked ass, but was from Pretty Hate Machine, not Downward Spiral. Anyway, I find this *sooper* laughable because of how squeaky-clean and Disney-esque our staff image was supposed to be.

Also laughable: every year they made a camp song that had some sort of teambuilding/USA-promoting theme to it. In the earlier years, there were two versions of the camp song: an up-tempo dance version and a ballad. Both had "USA" embedded in them somewhere, but the funniest/creepiest was the way they'd sneak it into the ballads. One year there was this eerie woman whispering "U-S-A". Priceless.

I'm pretty sure I will regret this entire post tomorrow, but here's a video someone posted on YouTube from that gives you an idea about the camp songs:

Oh, the good ol' day.

Lemme see if I can remember all the ones from when I went to camp or worked for them:

1988: Be the Best
1989: Get Into It
1990: Make it Happen
1991: Take it to the Top
1992: Dare 2 Dream
1993: Where It's At
1994: Now's the Time
1995: Unforgettable or Unstoppable (both of these were themes, one of them from before my time with them)
2001: Go 4 It

Maybe there was something about "reaching" one year...I don't friggin' know. looks like I stopped remembering camp themes around the same time I stopped enjoying working for them. Not their fault, I just outgrew it.

And on that note... I should call it a night.

Also, the knot in my neck has now fused with the one behind my shoulder blade.


Danielle in Iowa said...

If you can remember your camp theme from 1988, I think you are going to be alright on your exam on monday :-)

KrissyGo! said...

You know what's worse: I can even remember little snippets of choreography from the routines that went with the songs!

I need to de-frag my brain!