Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Windows of Opportunity

Oy. What a night.

From Accuweather.com:
Another Night of Storms
7/17/2007 2:35 PM The storm system that hammered the central Plains on Monday will produce strong thunderstorms across the Upper Midwest tonight.

Hammered is a good way to put it. I was up 'til 1am with Boots and her thunderstorm anxiety. I don't know if the thunder here is louder, or if my strong, sturdy house with a foundation in New Mexico did a better job of muffling the sound than my confidence-shaking mobile home.

Either way, even I got a little ansty last night, getting through my first tornado watch (we had them in New Mexico, too, but I think they mean it here in Iowa).

Then I got in a little nap until 4am, when the storming started all over again.

Another nap from 11:30 until 1:30. I took advantage of the break in the storm to get Boots to the vet for some stronger medication (like Alprazolam). Benadryl just isn't going to cut it.

I also took advantage of the brief sun to sneak in a 12-mile bike ride.

Okay, that's not me.

But that's pretty much what my route looks like. Corn, corn, corn. I did the same loop as last Monday, only backwards. It smelled of wet poop (cow, dog, pig, who knows?) the WHOLE way.

A shower and another nap from 8-9.

The storms are supposed to start again at midnight tonight and go on until Friday morning.

So here's the thing: along with naps I snuck a bike ride into my day? I might turn this leaf over yet.


Danielle in Iowa said...

What cute puppies!

Just wait until the tornado sirens go off! As an East Coaster, I am always the first to run to the basement, but the Iowans like to go outside and look. Crazy people!

Wendy said...

Hopefully Boots' new meds will help. It's so heartbreaking to watch a terrified pup.

Andra Sue said...

Aaaaaaaah! LOVE that picture of your dog. She's all like, "Uh, mom...where are we going? And will there be bones? And people food?"

p.s. is that a beagle in the background?

Brent Buckner said...

Poor pup. :-(

Good to squeeze in a workout - they add up!

Duane said...

Cute puppies! So how many corn recipes do you have down?

Tea said...

Hey Krissy thanks for stopping by my blog!

I'll have to read through your past posts. I saw that you're a PhD student. What are you studying? And how many years are you into it?

I look forward to keeping up on your blog!