Thursday, July 5, 2007

A New, Lemon-Scented Plan (Now with Voice of Reason!)

Alright, I'm finally back online. I arrived and got the keys on Saturday...and my dad and I have been working on this place from morning 'til night ever since. Okay, I admit I bought this place without actually seeing it in person. That's fine, I knew about the wacky 60s blue paint in the living room. But I had no idea it went all the way down the hallway and that both bathrooms were HGTV posters for what NOT to do. Good grief. Bad, bad taste. I'll post before and after pics once we've finished.

The worst of it all is that this lady did not clean anything when she moved out. This is what's really in my craw. I spent the first two days scrubbing (on top of the cleaning I did when I moved out, and two days of driving). If there was a real character named Mother Crap, I think she just sold me a mobile home.

Anywho...all of this moving business has put quite the damper on my training (like, none for a couple weeks). SO...I'm revamping the old goals (again):

1. No iron or half-iron anything this season. I just don't have enough time to prepare.
2. I've got a race on Sunday (holy crap!) I'll make this a benchmark and then see how much I can improve by Sept. 16, which is the last sprint of the season here (and sponsored by the University tri club).
3. Work all winter and next summer toward Ironman Wisconsin/Louisville.

All right...that's a brief update. Time to get back to work!


Danielle in Iowa said...

At least coming from the southwest, I am sure the predicted temps for Sunday ain't no thang for you! I personally am freaking out (why start a race in July at 9am!!!)

Brent Buckner said...

You mean there might be a smidgen of fact behind some of those trailer park stereotypes?

Glad you're able to make it habitable!

Wrenching Winz said...

Heh, god bless homeownership. At least the carpet isn't the color of poop.

Andra Sue said...

Oh, I feel for you. Moving is the worst thing EVER...especially the unpacking and sprucing up the new place part!!! I wish you much luck and good fortune. :-)

GeekGirl said...

Um, can I suggest Boric Acid, you know, in case she left any critter friends behind? I'm just sayin'
Today's word:kwnzxes

Duane said...

Hi Krissy, glad to see you back online! I'm looking forward to meeting you Sunday. The course is hilly and there is one Danielle has correctly named the Hill of Death (althoug I think there are several of those!). Have a safe drive and I'll see you Sunday!

Jenny said...

Good luck with the cleaning - that happened to me once - I rented an apartment having only seen it at night, in the dark - in daylight the roaches and grease and filth were beyond belief!