Thursday, April 19, 2007


Usually when people decide to start anew, it's because they have hit rock bottom and had to take stock of their lives. So it is with me. (Well...I wouldn't say that DNF-ing was really rock-bottom, but it was definitely the final insult to how little my life has been resembling what I want for myself.)

So it seems appropriate that my "first step" on this road will be to take some inventory.

The good news is, I am not starting from "real" scratch. I do get to enter this new phase with some of the benefits of my past "training" -- even if it was inconsistent. I get to start from "scratch-plus," if you will.


  1. I can run comfortably for over an hour.

  2. I can swim comfortably for over 90 minutes.

  3. I own a bicycle, an indoor trainer, and a GREAT DVD collection.

  4. I've got my Dad's slow-twitch muscles.

  5. I've got my Mom's fast-twitch muscles.

  6. For the next 10 weeks, I can train in New Mexico at 3,800 feet.

  1. On the bike, I am completely worthless on hills and in wind.

  2. I haven't used my mother's fast-twitch muscles since I was 14; I think she swapped 'em out for her thyroid while I was napping.

  3. It is COLD and SNOWY in Iowa in the winter.

  4. It will be winter in Iowa when I reach the heart of my IM training for Arizona.

  5. I grew up in California and have been in NEW MEXICO for the past 7 years.

Did I mention that I like to do things comfortably?


Megan said...

Those assets put you ahead of the game already. AND you have already experienced the course, so you are better equipt NOW because you know what to expect and how to tailor training to that.

And I live in Chicago, so this winter we can swap DVD recommendations for those long trainer rides in front of the t.v., and tales of woe for endless treadmill runs. Can't you just feel the excitement for cold-weather training? Awesome.

Brent Buckner said...

Hi back!

Love the master plan and the clock counters (both ticking up and ticking down).

Nytro said...

hey there... sorry to hear about your DNF at IMAZ. but you must understand this... there are a lot of people out there that DNA - Do Not Attempt. I would be one of them.

good job.