Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ma-wage is What Bwings Us Togevah

Yesterday, my two best friends from childhood married each other. Weddings are always great for some madcap mayhem -- especially when both families are big drinkers (damn my 5:30 flight!).

As an only child, these two are the closest thing I have to siblings (I've been close to Scott since we were 10; Ana since we were 13), and I have a myriad of reflections on the significance of this event in my life. But what is MUCH more interesting to read is all the wacky stuff that weddings bring about.

Here are my favorite highlights from this one:

  1. After the rehearsal luncheon, the groom's 5 year-old niece announced to the room, "That food was so good, I have to go to the bathroom!"

  2. At the reception I congratulated Scott's dad, and he put his arm around me to hug me -- and spilled whiskey down my arm. Instead of apologizing he said, "That's 14 year-old Scotch. If I were you, I'd lick that off."

  3. Someone thought it appropriate to dedicate "Down Wit O.P.P." to the bride -- who danced to it in a big group that included her father, whose dance moves are just shy of smackin' dat ass.

And I left early!


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Jenny said...

Hey thanks for coming to my blog and being so encouraging - I've just caught up a bit on your story and can't wait to follow your journey to next year's Ironman - I'm in awe!!