Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm Baaaaaaaaack

I just flew in from Iowa, and boy are my arms tired. (Ba-dum-bum.)

But seriously, folks...

A Desert Rat Lands in the Midwest
Over the weekend, I got to visit Iowa, meet some grad students, faculty, house hunt, etc. Being in the desert so long, I almost forgot how much I like lush greenery. What struck me most was how much it seemed like a blend of Seattle, Bellingham, and Washington, DC --my favorite places.

The last time I was there was for a brief drive-through with one of my favorite people about 8 years ago. This time, it was raining when I got there, which made the green of the lawns even more vivid. Plus, the tulips (another favorite) were blooming and the neighborhoods were just gorgeous. The next day was clear skies, and the contrast with the grass was even better.

The Best Part
Despite the rain (which was akin to a Seattle Drizzle -- so not much of anything), there were people running everywhere! And at all times! I was most surprised by how many people I saw running around 9:30pm. Awesome.

Of course, all this moisture + my naturally curly hair = four years of bad hair for Krissy. Oh well.

I'm in LOVE!


Brent Buckner said...

"Is this heaven?"
"No, it's Iowa."

KrissyGo! said... field of dreams.

They built it and I'm-a-comin'!