Sunday, April 22, 2007

31 Flavors of Krissy

It appears that everyone has some form of this up...I won't buck the trend. (Don't worry, I'll have something else up soon.)
  1. I can write backwards and often did in high school to punish my teachers.
  2. I have moved 23 times since I turned 18.
  3. I. AM. A. DOG. PERSON.
  4. I'm afraid of snakes and the dark, but I LOVE camping (sweet, sweet misery).
  5. Brushoffs with greatness: I have been dissed by Hillary Clinton AND Desiree Ficker (but I'm not sure Desiree did it on purpose).
  6. I'm a Northern Cal girl at heart, but I drive like I'm from L.A. Can't we all just go a little faster?
  7. I am a dual citizen of the U.S. and the Philippines.
  8. I can't believe they invented it: Smoked Gouda.
  9. Everything I need to know about Star Wars I learned from other pop culture references. I have never seen any of these movies, nor do I intend to. Ever. Pick your jaw up off the floor and let's move on.
  10. My favorite shows you've never seen: SportsNight (ABC), Sit Down Comedy with David Steinberg (TV Land), Home Movies (Cartoon Network).
  11. My first full-time job was in the White House.
  12. Favorite swear word: CRAP. (I know, it's not really a swear word. But it's so hapless and sounds the most like the circumstances that bring about its utterance. It can be a quirky little alternative to ye olde f-bomb -- and just as versatile e.g.,"Mother crap!" and "What the crap?!")
  13. When I was in first grade, I never made it through an entire week without getting my name in the "doghouse."
  14. The dumbest thing I ever said: "Heh heh. I stalked you today on the pier" to Chris Isaak. (Um...I was joking, but I see how it's not exactly an ice-breaker with celebrities.)
  15. The dumbest thing I ever heard: "Ma'am you can't bring your shampoo on the plane. You'll have to leave that here, but the razor is fine."
  16. In lieu of crack, I have an unhealthy relationship with: Pez, cheese, TiVo.
  17. If money were no object, I would travel the world and always have fresh flowers in my home.
  18. If I am anything, I'm a taoist. Otherwise, I'm your garden-variety heathen.
  19. Some of my best friends are gay.
  20. Celebrities I'd marry: Adam Sandler, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert.
  21. Even in the chilliest conditions, I MUST sleep with my head out of the covers.
  22. If I were a cartoon character, I'd be Lisa Simpson.
  23. Like Elaine Benes, I am a man's woman: I don't like (most) other women, and they don't like me.
  24. My hair is naturally curly -- a blessing in the desert, a curse anywhere with humidity above 3%.
  25. Favorite alcoholic drink: any wine except chardonnay. I'm also partial to margaritas, cape cods, and michiladas (Mexican beer with lotsa lime)...
  26. Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Clamato Picante with lime.
  27. Best birthday gift: my littlest dog, Dinah.
  28. Worst birthday gift: a diamond (seriously, that guy didn't understand me AT ALL).
  29. I do NOT think Varsity Blues is a triumphe de cinema, and I am not above getting into a screaming fight with anyone who thinks so.
  30. How do I picture myself in 30 years? I'll be the crazy old professor driving around town with a fleet of wiener dogs in the back of my old Cooper wagon. Typical conversations about me will go like this: "Hey, I saw Dr. Gordon today." "Oh, yeah? Did she have her dogs with her?"
  31. How do I picture myself in 31 years? Sipping iced tea on my porch while some shirtless student-athletes landscape my yard. Oh wait, that's what I'd like in the next 31 days.

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I love the Home Movies where they gave up candy. Just rediculous!