Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A New Chapter. A New Leaf. A New Life.

I had planned to start my new blog once I got settled in Iowa. But after my Ironman Arizona debacle, now seems as good a time as any. Traditionally, "tomorrow" has been my favorite starting day, followed by "next Monday," and "the 1st" -- none of which really got me started on the right foot. So this time, I'm starting NOW.

And what is it, exactly, that I am starting?

Today I am starting down the road--a one-year and 140.6-mile road--to the finish line. New food. A new home in Iowa. A new place for triathlon in the center of my life.

I am also starting down a new avenue in my career -- in the fall I will begin working on a PhD in media/cultural studies, my other passion. In the meantime, I do have a few loose ends to tie up during my remaining weeks in New Mexico:
  1. I will leave New Mexico debt-free. I am so close on this one. May 15 is the Big Check Day, when all balances reach zero.
  2. Say goodbye to Colin, my partner of the last five years (he is pursuing his life of a jazzman in Boulder). This will be incredibly sad, but necessary for us both.
  3. Lose 14 pounds so I can enter the state of Iowa as a woman of healthy weight. (Though my goal is to lose 34 pounds to reach my optimum weight -- or the one it says on my driver's license.)

So...I'm glad I'm here. I'm looking forward to making a place for myself in this cyber tri community. Hi.


GeekGirl said...

Hey there, welcome to Bloggers. Sorry to hear about the separation from your partner, but sometimes growth involves necessary pain. Looking foward to reading about your new adventures.

Anonymous said...

Hey you, I already have you bookmarked, love the spot and the new leaf turn-overage! You are amazing, my friend! Can I come watch you in the AZ Ironman next year?


Duane said...

Both you and Megan are doing IM AZ next year so I am going to go watch it. My coach wants me to see one in person so I will be there to cheer yo on!

KrissyGo! said...

OMG!!! I would LOVE to have well-wishers there! I still have PLENTY of sidewalk chalk from Sunday...I'm just sayin' :D

Megan said...

Hi Krissygo! Thanks for visiting me - I am so excited to hear about AZ and it will be great to have soemone to "train" alongside of!!!!!! I look forward to reading about your new life and pursuits - good luck!!! Meg