Thursday, August 2, 2007

I Can't Believe I Clicked It

As of last night, I am officially registered for the California International Marathon from Folsom to Sacramento.

My first marathon.

And I have ample time to prepare. Can you believe it?
I've been training for the last few weeks, but without any big, ridiculous goals ahead of me, it feels like something's missing. So I broke out my copy of Four Months to a Four-Hour Marathon and the cogs started turning. Then I got on the Runner's World Race Finder to see what might be available about four months from now.

And there it was.

Here's why I think this will be AWE-SHOME:
  1. I am prepared to start the training plan (which starts Monday).
  2. I am not, repeat NOT, shooting for 4:00 (my uber-runner neighbor from NM who's been running for 22 years only recently cleared this time), I'm just looking to finish...under six hours would be nice.
  3. My childhood friends who married each other live there and are hosting me!
  4. Ana might even run this with me! (no pressure...wink) It will be like first period freshman PE all over again!
  5. One of their friends (and therefore, one of mine) has a HOT TUB!

Now for the mushy sentiment:

One of the other reasons I decided to go ahead with this instead of waiting for a local race in the spring is because I kind of see it as a homecoming.

I spent the first 20 years of my life about 40 minutes away from Sacramento, and though I haven't lived in CA for over ten years, it's still part of me. It also occupies a place and time in my life when I was still athletic and active -- and thought I'd always be. And since my 32nd birthday is in December, it will also be a gift to I'm getting my old self back.

And did I mention the hot tub?


Wrenching Winz said...

Wah hoooo!!! Backflips and Go Krissy Flags for you. My 1st marathon is in March

Brent Buckner said...

Road work!

Duane said...

Way to step up! Dec 2nd! Laying a nice base for spring races!

Tea said...


(on an unrelated note: I saw the childhood friends blah blah blah, but what made me laugh was the title. I LOVE THE PRINCESS BRIDE)

Andra Sue said...

Way to GO!!! That is indeed awe-shome. I've been looking for a late winter/spring marathon myself. Just may have to sign up for one, now. :)

Benson said...

Sahweet! Kick up your heels.

High-lar-ious hot tub video.