Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rubber? Meet Road

School starts tomorrow, but my big news of the day is that I have discovered the glorious wonder that is Ultimate Frisbee. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! A handful of faculty and students from the department as well as a whole bunch of other non-departmental peeps play three times a week. And now, me too!

I played for the first time on Saturday afternoon, which Kicked. My. Butt. And I loved every minute of it!

Ultimate is basically everything I loved about playing soccer and basketball as a kid, only I am slightly better at catching and wingin' a disc than a ball. In other words, I get to bring my sprinting back, which was the reason I was any good to a team back then -- I could always get to the ball first and give it to someone who would do something useful with it, like score. WOO HOO! Plus, what's not to love about team sports?

The best is that it meshes beautifully with my marathon training plan. (I've switched over to a 15-week plan since my grief over losing Dinah sort of prevented me from making a real start on my previous plan.) The boring intervals on the track have been replaced with ULTIMATE! *singing* Plus, getting to actually _sprint_ again is going to get me ready for the Pewterman Pentathlon in November. But GOOD GRIEF I am Slow-Ass-Slow right now.

So...I'm about to begin Week Two of my marathon training -- last week felt great to get back out there. I love the roads I get to run on -- excellent for contemplation. I've got a 7-mile run this evening to round out Week One; class and Ultimate tomorrow.

I feel content, optimistic, and happy.


Danielle in Iowa said...

Well, there's nothing better than finding a sneaky way to get in speed work!

My sister has played ultimate competitively for years - I think I lack the coordination necessary to do so :-)

Brent Buckner said...

Sounds good!

Jenny said...

Wow, I haven't played ultimate frisbee in 25 years (in high school it was our fave!!) I don't think I was particularly good, nor fast, but it was FUN! Your trip to spread the ashes sounds very fulfilling, and good for you for your marathon plan! I'll be cheering for you!!

Wendy said...

Excellent!! Fun and cross training all in one!

Andra Sue said...

Sounds like you are getting back on track! Yay for you!

The Wrench said...

Ultimate rocks! We have a league here. I need to start my marathon training soon for my march marathon.