Sunday, May 4, 2008

Opening Day -- Cinco Du Mayo 2008

Wow! What a day! A lot of firsts:

Today was my first multisport event of the 2008 season, my first true duathlon ever, and Lucy Q's racing debut. She showed herself well (and pretty much paid for herself in numbers of peeps passed, which I will discuss momentarily).

First of all, I got pulled over for speeding on my way to the event -- and got off with a warning! (That NEVER happens to me -- I always end up with a ticket, but I suspect that turning off the gangsta rap that I had blaring probably helped.) I was a little worried about what that might augur for the the end it's probably just ironic, as I am slow-ass-slow on foot.

Clothing Removal Required to Have a Good Time
At last! I am vindicated for the Jermaine Stewart Debacle! Despite being chilly in Iowa City when I left this morning, it was surprisingly warm (and sunny and perfect overall) in the Quad Cities and I quickly realized I was wearing WAY too many clothes. I have to admit, I did not plan well for this: I was wearing full tights, capris, a tank, a long sleeve shirt, AND a windbreaker. Luckily, I brought a short sleeve jersey along, but I left a pair of bike shorts sitting on my bed. What to do? Well...I decided not overheating was a fair trade-off for no butt padding. Yup, I went commando under my capris. BUT I was temperature-comfy and I didn't really notice the lack of padding.

Lucy Q -- My Trusty Steed
After a standard-issue out-&-back run, I hopped on my bike and took off for the 17K ride. It was mostly on quiet country roads, and the last few miles had a pesky headwind. I don't know what kind of crazy mojo I've got going for me all of a sudden, but I not only managed a 15+ mph avg (official times forthcoming), I PASSED TEN PEOPLE on the bike leg!!! (You better believe I was counting) It's one thing to pass a bunch of other women, but I will admit, I felt a special kind of joy when I picked off those last three guys -- going 17-22 mph!!! Even though two of them passed me again on the run, passing on the bike is a triumph I hardly ever experience. Certainly not 10 times in a short race and certainly not when there is a headwind. Oh Lucy Q, I love you!

We Ain't in New Mexico Anymore
One thing I noticed at this race is that peeps don't talk here. I mean, I've spent a LOT of time at the back of the pack. In New Mexico, we're all back there cheering for each other and giving supportive words when we pass, or on approach to turn-arounds, etc. Frankly, that was one of the most pleasant surprises when I first started -- it certainly made it easier to continue in the activity. But there was significantly less of that going on here. Except for the cheers I gave people, I don't know how many of the athletes would have said anything. Of course, the volunteers and spectators were amazing with the cheering, but I was left scratching my head about the relative silence of the other participants. Maybe this race had a lot of super-newbies who don't yet know to do that. *shrugs*

So...I finished with a time of 1:18:04. I forgot to hit my watch for splits, so I'll update that as soon as the race organizers post their results. I am chomping at the bit to find out how fast I rode. (Also forgot to zero out my computer -- D'oh!)

Happy day!


PaulNowicki said...

Hey, I found your blog looking for results form today's race. Love your bike! Congrats on a good race. You are right people were rather sour this morning, usually they are more friendly. Are you doing the Pigman Sprint Juen 1st?

KrissyGo! said...

Hey Paul...

Thanks for stopping by. Pigman sold out before I could register, but perhaps I'll see ya at the other QC races this season.

Wendy said...

Good work out there, Krissy!

Pat said...

Great work today, I will be doing the QC Tri as well. Keep up the workouts and the tough work. Look forward to seeing you on June 14.

Danielle in Iowa said...

You go girl!

And hey I plan on Dam to Dam for sure!

And I wanted to do Lake Geode, but I couldn't convince anyone here to do it with me (they're all doing Hy-Vee), but if you're doing it then at least I would know someone there!