Monday, April 28, 2008

Music Monday 4.28.08

The Formative Years Series

A word about intent:

I had originally intended to make this a playlist of "forgotten classics" but at some point it just seemed like The Ladies (Janet, Whitney, Madonna, and to a lesser extent, Debbie, Tiffany, and Paula) could not be left out. Of course, once I made that exception, there was no way I could exclude the MJ.

I also want to mention that when "Tell it to My Heart" came out, Taylor Dayne kinda gave me the creeps, but I have (mostly) gotten over that.

The locker rooms at Sullivan Middle School -- Fairfield, CA.

Junior High, Vol 1.: R&B/Dance

Looking for a New Love
Jody Watley


What Have You Done for Me Lately?
Janet Jackson

Cold Hearted
Paula Abdul

My Prerogative
Bobby Brown

Every Little Step
Bobby Brown

George Michael

Lost in Emotion
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam

Crush On You
The Jets

Rhythm of the Night

Shake Your Love
Debbie Gibson

I Think We're Alone Now

Tell It to My Heart
Taylor Dayne

So Emotional
Whitney Houston

Point of No Return

Open Your Heart

Smooth Criminal
Michael Jackson


Danielle in Iowa said...

Tiffany was my first concert! NKOTB opened. Oh that Joey MacIntyre! And how much did I want to shred my jeans like Debbie?

Gonzo said...


I would have put Rhythm of the Night a few years earlier, but I'm not challenging you.

WayneT said...

Takes me back to those days when I dreamed of having a permed mullet. or at least a rat's tail. But alas, my coolness ended at my pegged pants.

we're no strangers to love
you know the rules and so do i...

Someday Rick Astley will be revered for the musical genius he was.

KrissyGo! said...

Ka-Blam-O! You're right, Rhythm of the Night was 1985.

I refuse to give you another $5 though.

Gonzo said...

Snap! I SHOULD have challenged you. Always go with your gut. And for the record, you didn't give me $5 - you gave me back $5 that I lost for something else (which I can't remember).