Saturday, August 30, 2008

In the Land of Ali...and Tanlines

TThe beauty of being in Muhammad Ali's hometown is that there is a moment on the run -- just one block, just before heading out for the second lap -- where I will run on Muhammad Ali Blvd. What a great way to recharge! (That and the cruel irony of running us within yards of the finish line before sending us out for another 13 miles.) You can bet I'll be tapping into that block-long pool of Go! to get myself to the finish line!

On a completely unrelated note: tans and tanlines.

You can usually tell who the athletes are at these things because not only are they trim and fit, but they also sport some golden skin. A key indicator that I hadn't trained enough last year besides my soft body: I showed up pasty on race day. This year, I not only have a myriad of tanlines on my back from various sport tanks, I also have race numbers emblazoned on my arms from my last race (apparently Marks-A-Lot is SPF 8).

Race numbers: the triathlete's temporary tattoo.


Gonzo said...

a) They called him Cassius

b) Your mind and spirit seem to be exactly where they need to be - stay in the zone and good luck!

Danielle in Iowa said...

And I hope to God you plan on avoiding the areas where your race numbers are when you shower after your race so that everyone will ask what they are from and you can nonchalantly say "Oh yeah, I just did an ironman."

Charlie said...

Have a great race.
It was good to meet you.