Monday, October 29, 2007

Best Excuse Ever

I know, I's been so long. But I have been a busy student-bee all month, and today I got my first paper back. I'm only posting this here because I really can't share this with any of my local peeps, as you will soon see.

Also, it's a big deal to me because I've been seriously doubting why the admissions committee let me in, certain I would be exposed as a fraud sooner rather than later...and this paper would be the first flake in the snowball of my demise. (Here's the deal: I kinda found a way to work Madonna song titles into the headings of a paper about early American and European social theory -- we're talkin' Marxism, folks. Yeah, I called Karl Marx the "original Material Girl"). See why I was worried?

Anyway, here's the first sentence in the comments:
"This was a fantastic essay -- perhaps the best of this round of papers."

Aw, crap. I think I just pulled something patting myself on the back.

Um...I'd like to say marathon training has been going as well. I've only been playing ultimate sporadically and squeezing in some mid-length runs on the weekends. Oh yeah, and I skipped the half-marathon in Des Moines because I was working on another paper. But as of today, I'm all training, baby.

*storm clouds gather*
*recipe for injury brewing*
*swollen head on the verge of explosion*


Anonymous said...

Yah! I am so glad you are back! I was starting to get rather worried. I should have known you would be busy studying...uh, you can see why I was so confused, I knew you in a previous school setting and a month long absence would not have meant excessive studying.

In any case, sounds like school is rolling along nicely!! I love that your professors get you and your brilliance, isn't that a great feeling?!

Okay, glad you are back!


Brent Buckner said...

Good news on the grade!

Glad you've been squeezing in physical activities amongst the academic work.

Andra Sue said...

Congrats on the paper! You deserve to pat yourself on the back. :)

Megan said...

Welcome back!!! Nice job on the paper!

Wendy said...

Woo hoo!!! You're back! (And you clearly wrote a fine paper, too!)

Duane said...

I missed you! Good job on the paper!