Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Iowa Winter

I think the best evidence that I can be happy anywhere is the fact that I love Iowa in the winter.  So much, in fact, that I started wishing for snow at the end of September this season.  The first winter I was here was apparently the worst in about a decade -- bitterly cold, lots of ice.  I was fine.  My definition of "cold" certainly got revised, but I adapted well.  I learned how to strategize my snow removal -- mostly to suck it up and clear some away mid-storm so it would be a little easier the next time I'd have leave the house on a schedule.  I also discovered the peculiar comfort that the sound of snow plows in the wee hours of night/morning brings.

Right now a snow storm is dumping 5-9 inches of snow on us.  I was leaving downtown this afternoon when it started coming down in big, fluffy flakes -- my favorite!  The next thing I knew, I found myself down by the train station, so I fired off a few pictures.

I thought the brick apartment building across the street from the station was especially pretty in the snow.  I can only imagine those are also some fantastic sittin' porches in the summer, too.  I'll miss those evenings sipping on tall, sweaty glasses of iced tea and air thick with humidity and fireflies.  *sigh*

I love Iowa.

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