Monday, March 16, 2009

Felicity Part Two

Sprouts in my front yard. They emerged after harsh times, and so can I.

So the "Four Things" meme is going around on Facebook at the moment, and one of the items is "List four places you'd rather be right now."

And for all my bitching and moaning as of late...there isn't another place I'd rather be.

So I left it blank. All four slots.

I have a feeling this PhD will turn out like my first Ironman: long and painful, but I was happy to be there and smiled almost the entire time.

Felicity, indeed.


00badness said...

Girl! I'm right there with you. I regret few things in life, but sometimes I find myself wondering if I'd rather just have the extra time on my hands to do other things...or to do other things without the guilt of knowing that I should be doing school work :(

Jessica - This Is Worthwhile said...

That is a wonderful answer. I wish I could answer it similarly. It means so much, doesn't it?