Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Felicity Part Three

In case there were any lingering doubts about colors and places to be, take a look at this cookie jar I painted circa 1998 at the beginning of my blue and yellow phase.

It is one of very few possessions that made it through the last 12 moves. I love this cookie jar. And it's never even held cookies! Only tea and recipe cards! I love it because it is so calming and blissful. Light, airy spaces -- that's all I want in life.

Right now it sits on the counter in my yellow (!) kitchen next to a window that looks out on a bed of wildflowers in the summer.

Does it look familiar? It should.

Here is my favorite picture of myself, taken by the side of the road somewhere in Oregon in 1997. It doesn't really point to a special time in my life, but I think it captures the best of my spirit -- who I would like to be, without the mania that sometimes accompanies orange.

But you know what takes the cake? This picture I took on a bike ride a couple weeks after I moved to Iowa. Oh, and for the record, I did not get off my bike or stop pedaling to take this picture. What can I say? You can take the girl out of orange, but you can't take orange out of the girl...

"Is this heaven?"
"No. It's Iowa."


Jessica - This Is Worthwhile said...

I'm an out of order kinda reader, so I should say it here, too: I love this cookie jar. You might be surprised to know that it actually reminds me of where I grew up in Fairfield (Paradise Valley right next to the greenbelt between FF and VV) and the big blue sky, green grasses and wildflowers on an old country road I'd frequent.

It evokes absolutely nothing about Texas.

You make me want to visit IA.

Anonymous said...

My kitchen is also blue and yellow. Such bright, happy colors!