Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Endorphin Machine vs. Treadmill, Episode 1


AM Yoga -- Standing poses.
Time: 20:00

Might need to see a doc about my knee. It hurts to sit with it folded completely, both underneath me and indian-style. On the plus side, it worked wonders on my been-sleeping-on-the-couch-too-long back. I felt energized and ready to face my day! But not the treadmill (see below).

8 Weeks to 8:30-miles: Day One
Walk easy 30:00

I seriously need to find a way to change my attitude about the damn treadmill. I was supposed to do run/walk intervals yesterday and walk easy today. It pains my soul to run on the treadmill, even for a minute at a time! So I switched them.

Of course, this means I will have to face it today. With a vengeance or something. Oy.


00badness said...

There is no trick. The thing is to hurry up and get the workout done so you can get off the treadmill faster :) I'm not a big treadmill fan either.

Gonzo said...

Man oh man. I hit the treadmill a few times while in Pittsburgh. Seriously, three miles feels like forever on that thing. Also, my friend Shelby and I agreed (though this is probably due more to our own ineptitude than anything else) that we tend to run slower paces on treadmills. Obviously you can set the pace, but I always have this sense of not being able to control my speed on a treadmill.

Man vs. Machine, I guess. I'm just looking forward to spring.

ECrunnergirl said...

Good luck with that treadmill Krissy and I hope your knee gets better. I don't know if this suggestion will help or if you have ever tried it...but I take a liquid glucosamine supplement EVERY day. It takes a little time to kick in but I swear by it. I have had knee problems in the past....after I started the supplement, I havent had any problems since. Also, I have really increased my speed and mileage...and knock on wood....I am still doing well with my knees.