Sunday, December 21, 2008

Made in the 70s

After spending 18 hours at my computer every day last week, my body is in desperate need of a boogie-down.

Yes, I missed my own birthday.

I had a disco CD in my collection during my freshman year of college. Every time I finished a test or some other "big" assignment, I'd come home and dance around my dorm room for about half an hour. So yeah, I think I might be hard-wired for this sort of thing.

Side note: I think "Boogie Shoes" might be one of my favorite songs of all time, not just this genre.

Not promising anything, but today might be a two-fer. Stay tuned.


Gonzo said...

Yeah, so these songs might be pretty played out. But obviously I approve, on a number of levels:

-All of the "disco hits" remind me of driving around on saturday nights in high school with my then-girlfriend. A club in town had disco night every week and broadcast live.

-Being of age and going to said club a handful of times, arguing with the DJ that Prince had 2 albums in the 1970s, etc.

-"Boogie Shoes" always reminds me of my sister. It's one of the 500 songs that when it plays (especially if she's been drinking) she will proclaim "THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG!"

Gonzo said...

I wasn't doggin' ya!

KrissyGo! said...

Hey, I never claimed they were lost gems, just fodder for a much-needed boogie-down.

Played out or not, sometimes you just get a hankering!

Flatman said...

that is one sweet playlist! ;)

ECrunnergirl said...

SHAKE YOUR GROOVE THING!! Yeah!! Bumpin' booties alright! This is a great list Krissy!!