Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sometimes You Get Kicked

Sometimes you have to kick your inner ass-kicker's ass.

(Reflections on today's sooper-dooper bike ride HERE.)

I set these grand-tastic goals two weeks ago and then let the rest of my life kick it all to the curb. Yes, I said LET. I'll own it. I dunno, it's like I got all fired up to do stuff and then immediately packed my bags for Slack-ass-ville.

All around me, really schweet stuff is going on. A student of mine ran his first marathon in Chicago today. Another friend did his first marathon in Baltimore yesterday. Still another is kicking ass-k left and right on her goals (yes, I'm talking about you, Jen) and it's really inspiring to have all these peeps around me making progress on all the schweet-ass stuff they set out to do.

So what about me? I think a symptom of whatever is going on here is the fact that I skipped most of what was in my iPod in yesterday's race. *shrugs* If the music's stale, then the drive can't be much better.

So I'm narrowing my focus onto the Girls on the Run 5K in six weeks and nixing an intermediary race I had originally scheduled two weeks from now. Oh yeah, and cleaning up the old iPod along the way. I mean, the Cool J and Marky Mark have been in heavy rotation for almost three years. I love them, but it's clearly time. (Stay tuned for a new playlist sometime this week.)

I should also remind myself that it is midterm time, and this feeling of being pulled in so many directions that I can't do anything very well will pass...especially if I get into a training groove. (Oh there anything you can't do?)

Stay tuned.


Jen said...

Well, that settles it—I'm dropping off the CD on my way to work (I'll leave it on your car if it's there, or on your porch if it's not). I don't know that there's anything new to you on it, but maybe a song or two to add to the rotation?

00badness said...

MP3 players need cleaning just like houses need spring cleaning. Besides, it's fall. It's time to start putting away those songs and break some Thriller or something for Halloween.

Gonzo said...

1) I appreciate the mad props INXS has been getting here as of late. "Sometimes you kick, sometimes you get kicked" - truer words were never spoken. [Although the video for Devil Inside used to creep me out.]

2) Re: keeping it fresh - running mix exchange?

Go Mom Go said...

I need new music too...
Can't wait for that list!

Jessica said...

I do the same thing. I'm a terrific planner. Not so great on the doing part, yet, but I'm working on it! I can't wait to see your new playlist!