Thursday, January 10, 2008

'08 Overhaul

In addition to changing the look of my blog, I’m also changing the focus. Last year was all about making changes, setting ridiculously lofty goals and working toward them with an effort that hovered near the ground, then making excuses for missing workouts, events, etc. with some self-deprecating humor and a pop song.

Then I managed to finish a marathon. (No one was more pleasantly surprised than me.)

And I realized something about this so-called “new leaf.”

It’s not so new. It was just buried under a bunch of crud. One of my favorite comments last year was from my friend, Sunny (00badness). When I posted a Father’s Day tribute to my dad, she wrote, “You obviously have it in you (not Gatorade, silly) – 'it.' Like the eye of the tiger or something. Your dad is an ass-kicker and so are you. Now go find your inner ass-kicker.”

Hell. Effing. Yeah.

I’ll talk more about my ass-kicker in a separate post, but suffice to say, the focus of this year’s blog will be on channeling the inner ass kicker in all of us. Every week, I’ll post a new quote and video clip. The theme songs will remain, though I will embed them in each post. I can’t imagine that my sense of irony will slip away, but my hope is that I will use it to keep myself moving forward instead of reveling in lapses of commitment.

Hope you like the new New Leaf.


Go Mom Go said...

Looks great!

I love this:

What is "Tri-nemia"?
Tri-nemia is due to insufficient iron in a triathlete's blood. One can usually correct tri-nemia with 140.6 miles of iron supplementation taken over a time period not to exceed 17 hours.

Should be an exciting journey!

Jenny said...

Great new look! Your comment on my blog, and much of what you write here, gets at what to me is such an interesting challenge: walking the fine line between pushing ourselves and having high expectations, vs. setting unreasonable goals that we'll never make, berating ourselves when we fail, resulting in yet another plummet in our self-esteem. (is that grammatical? I hardly know!) How do you know whether a goal is appropriate given all our various personal circumstances? After 43 years on this planet, I have no idea!

Megan said...

Welcome back ass-kicker!!! Love, love , love the new site, and how clever is the "tri-nemia?" Can't wait to see what you do this year!

P.S. I just glanced up and saw the quote - "Winners make goals; losers make excuses." Right on.

Andra Sue said...

Welcome back. I'm confident 2008 is going to be an ass-kicking year for all of us (and not in a bad way). KICK ON!!!

00badness said...

Hells yeah! It sounds like an awesome purpose for a blog. I look to you for inspiration to get off my couch, so keep it up.

bettymountaingirl said...

bring it on!