Sunday, June 17, 2007

My Dad Kicks A$$!

Here's why:

Just a couple short years after he had a heart attack, he was riding this on a daily basis. (He's in the yellow helmet.) A few moments later, THIS happened:

Yeah. He passed that guy. On that terrain.
And that's why my dad is the baddest mo-fo I know.
Thank you.


Duane said...

Very cool!

Megan said...

That is super cool! Your dad's a bad-ass!

Andra Sue said...

That? Is WAY cool!!! I think my dad might walk on a treadmill or something to keep "in shape." And he's a cardiologist! :P

mb said...

Sweeeeet! said...

So obviously you have it in you (not Gatorade silly) - "it." Like the eye of the tiger or something. Your dad is an ass kicker and so are you, now go find your inner ass kicker.