Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Bring Your Epileptic Dog to Work Day

Well, it's finals week. Things are winding down, I'm getting my grades done and turned in. Hardly anyone is around. It would be bliss, except...

Dinah had another seizure this morning, her first in a few weeks. This meant I had to give her the heavy meds (she's come to think that her daily phenobarbitol is a treat that only she gets -- hey, whatever it takes). Anyway, this other pill is so strong that I can only give her half without making her puke. Also, it makes her pretty incoherent, even for a dog, so I don't like to leave her alone (or with the other two rowdy dogs who are two- and four times her size).

So she got to come to work with me today. If there was ever a reason I've chosen academia for my career (aside from the bitchin' vacation time -- oh yeah, and shaping the minds of tomorrow), it is moments like this one. I'm at work with a little dog on my lap while I blog away. This beats the Dilbert life any day.

For the record, all of my actual tasks are done, I just have to sit here for my office hours and be available for the stream of students who will not show up.

*pauses for a visitor*

Hey, whattaya know? As soon as I typed that sentence, one showed up. No foolin'. So I guess I'd better go!


bizzlenator said...

I love Dinah! Hope she is feeling better.
I just finally read your Ironman story (haven't we talked about this procrastination problem, Leah) and I say 'Good Job!' It takes major b**ls to do that!!
Anywho, have a great day - See you Saturday!!


Andra Sue said...

Awwww...your poor puppy. I hope she gets to feeling better!!! One of our dogs became deathly afraid of thunderstorms a couple years ago. Now when one hits, we have to give her Ace Promazine, which makes her all droopy and zonked out. I always feel awful doing it, even though I know she's better off. :(

KrissyGo! said...

Oh my gosh, my basset hound is also that frightened of thunderstorms, too. The vet gave us a similar drug and I, too, felt guilty about making her all droopy and dopey. (Can you imagine a basset hound made even _droopier_?)

Since then, I've scaled back to the Benadryls that melt on the tongue (so much easier to give). They don't quite konk her out, but they calm her down enough to just lay at my feet through the whole thing instead of pacing, drooling, whining, and trying to climb into my lap. At the end of a storm, it was never clear if I had been outside or just drenched from her drool -- GROSS!


Andra Sue said...

I might have to invest in some of those benadryls...another thunderstorm last night. Had to cram a pill down Emily's throat at 2am, and it took forever to start working. Not fun!

Love love love the hound dogs...I have beagles myself. :-)